Project Spotlight - Crypto Trackr

It seems like Crypto is one of the most popular things to talk about these days, so why not leverage Powershell to help keep track of your coins? For this project I used the CoinMarketCap API module and wrapped it with a simple console menu structure that gives you quick access to that data without the fuss of logging into anything. This will automatically load your config and export changes when you exit the script so you don't have to worry about coin data only being stored temporarily. 

Functionality includes:

  • Checking coin data
  • Adding coins
  • Removing coins
  • Modifying coin holdings
  • Auto load previous configuration/holdings
  • Auto export upon exit command

If you are interested, I created an installer that stores all your data in "%LocalAppData%\CryptoTrackr" and places a shortcut on your desktop.

Feel free to grab it for yourself at:

Nathan Kasco